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Northwest Anesthesia, P.A. Billing Information

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Northwest Anesthesia, P.A. is a professional corporation, independent from the surgeons and the hospital. The professional fee for our anesthesia services is separate from the surgeon’s charges or any facility charges by the hospital or surgery center. You will receive a separate, itemized bill from the hospital or surgery center that includes “anesthesia charges”. These charges refer to use of the anesthesia equipment, supplies and anesthetic drugs during your procedure, and do not represent charges for professional services that we, Northwest Anesthesia, P.A., provide.

Our billing statements reflect charges for the professional services that we provide. Often, our statements include charges for both a physician anesthesiologist (MD) and a nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Our practice provides services in the “medical direction” model of anesthesia care, with anesthesiologists medically directing nurse anesthetists. When billing for services provided under this medically directed model, each provider bills independently, creating a bill for both the anesthesiologist and for the nurse anesthetist. Minnesota statute recognizes the practice of advanced non-physician practitioners, including CRNA’s, allowing such providers to receive direct payment for services provided. There are instances when an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist provides anesthesia services independantly (independant care); in these situations your bill will only reflect the services of that provider.

Northwest Anesthesia, P.A. attempts to contract with as many insurance agencies as possible. Minnesota insurance companies are required to provide payment for both anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist services, however, not all insurance providers cover anesthesia charges for both providers. If you have questions about your insurance coverage or the coverage of an out-of-state insurance provider, please contact our billing services provider, Medac.

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Mednax Health Solutions Partner
410 N Cedar Bluff Rd, Suite 300
Knoxville, TN 37923

For Services Prior to June 8th, 2016 please contact:
Health Billing Systems, Inc.
14700 28th Ave. N #20
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763-450-2500 | 800-766-4102

For Services Prior to September 1st, 2014 please contact:
804 Scott Nixon Memorial Dr
Augusta, GA 30907

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